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15th April 2014


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I am flattered to still be getting followers for this blog, but it’s a very dead blog. Not updated in the last four months, having changed over to a new one. After 6 months of building my new blog it is now my baby, being my cv, portfolio and artistic journal. Spawnofbowie is still up for reference but is unlikely to receive an update from now. Glad you’re all interested in things I’ve posted and hope you’ll check out my current blog :)

Thanks again. x

25th November 2013

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14th November 2013

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So, E VI logo designed, literature made up, and now printed. Should be a good opening night and I’m looking forward to being there. Get in touch if you’re in Weston Super Mare :)

Weston Super Mare, 13/11/2013.

In other good news, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve had some good karma and things are looking up for me atm. Currently on a design job for a bar in Weston Super Mare, UK. It’s been mad fun and mad difficult and very much looking forward to opening night.

In other news I miss you all and, if you want, come follow me on my art blog. Updating my progress and taking commissions. Stay in touch (: x

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14th November 2013

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In the typical and always appreciated Death Grips style, they have out of the blue delivered a ton of new content to the world. A new album, available for free, called ‘Government Plates’ (which may be the soundtrack to the film Zack Hill has been working on? The inclusion of “Birds” a track previously noted as being from this film would imply that.) along with a video for the track “You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat” from it. What else could any fan really need to know? Go for it.

Death Grips on Deathbomb Arc.

Some awesome enough breaking news to be back on here for. Sure you’ll all cop a listen.

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27th September 2013

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Alright, it’s been a week since I said I’d kill the blog, so here we go. Cheers to everyone who’s been following me. Hope a few of you will follow me over to my new blog for art and photography projects. All the old drawings are on there and anything I do from now creatively.

It’s been fun and useful being here and nice of the 98 followers I’ve got to have stuck with me. Cheers especially to anyone who’s helped with content creation and who’s taken a useful interest in my goings-on. Take care y’all. Over and out. x

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27th September 2013

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Androgyny tips for the day:

So, being rather broke I’ve gone without shaving foam for a good while. And tbh it never helped much more than water, though having blade lube is useful. I’ve been stuck with ultra thick stubble for a few years now and have never managed to do much about it apart from shave and hope for poor lighting when going out.

Recently I wanted to leave the house quickly without getting razor nicks and discovered something. This might not work for everyone but the closest shaves I’ve managed to get lately have been with a fair amount of moisturiser on my face and a disposable razor (the immovable head gives me better control of the blade). The moisturiser being Nivea for Men Rehydrating Moisturiser if you’re interested. Noone was using it back home so I ended up with it. The greasiness makes the razor hug my face better than the vaguely expensive shaving foam I had and the moisturiser stops any cuts from bleeding out and makes your face feel quite nice. It’s quick too, some days I’d spend ages trying to get the last .5mm off my face. Definitely best done after a shower to make the stubble softer. Brush or wipe the bristles out afterwards or your razor will clog.

Like I say, it might not work for everyone but it could be worth a try. Remember to have softened your stubble by showering and treat the blade in a controlled well-angled fashion for good contact. Of course this is an expensive hobby so I do this more on special occasions (and I’d rarely use the moisturiser anyway). It makes me look like I actually shaved today though, and most ways leave me with half a day’s stubble.

In other androgyny, I have learned the importance of eyebrow shape but haven’t perfected it yet. Much precision and upkeep involved.

Hope this is useful.

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27th September 2013

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cutest 420 entrapment attempt ever!

Got to love cats :)

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26th September 2013

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Been trying to write an informative post about the only job I’ve turned down. A day spent trying to get sponsorships for our charity for that week from the deeply impoverished parts of a neighbouring city. A very-likely sub-minimum wage commission job that started on trying to persuade those still home in the middle of the day to part with money through appeals to conscience, noting the houses who didn’t answer.

And of course there are strategies involved in getting people to take a job like that in the first place. I wasn’t told that the day was a trial until I arrived for the second interview and given a train ticket. The day’s trial over I was kept in interview til about half ten in the evening, tired and concerned in a stylishly professional office while they played the waiting game with me. All calculated to leave little time to question the troubles with commission work and the implications of the job. The audacities involved are a challenge to fully elucidate, leaving me to write the cliff notes to make the point more effectively. Those being the appeal to the disabled and unemployed in our quest to gain commissions through charity, and then the evening round when those with jobs were home for ‘the money sweep’. This was in the grimy flats of our nearby city, ’70s buildings with mould and people who clearly lived there by necessity. Goes without saying that that’s not an ideal group to be signing up to financial commitments. Of course we weren’t collectors and couldn’t take money for the organisation, just a private enterprise set to a charity of the week to go around with forms to sign up people’s monthly payments. Wrote this to give information to people about how these things work, and have been intending to for ages.

Happy ending when six months later I got an intense but ultimately useful minimum wage cleaning job and started this blog to document it and muse on art and personal topics…

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26th September 2013

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Protesting a certain Russian propaganda law by writing Vladimir Putin slash-fiction (:

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26th September 2013

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One I took for my last ex way back in Feb while trying to get the hang of the camera. Still quite like this one. Without this blog I shall have to send my NSFWs and suggestive pictures elsewhere…

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